Do you or any of your diving partners put off diving because of water temperatures? What if you had a safe heating pad that would fit inside your wet or dry suit, and provide heat for up to two hours? A heating pad that would not burn you and that you could use again and again.
610 Thermo-Pad cover
Thermo-Pad is a safe instant heating pad that heats to a safe preset temperature and is resuable hundreds of times.
This special is a 2mm neoprene belt with a 7 1/2" by 11" pocket in the  back and tapering to 2" in the front where velcro fasteners are located. Included with the belt are two 6" x 10" Thermo-Pads and two 4" x 4" Thermo-Pad hand warmers.
This package is valued at over $100.00 and we are making it available for a limited time for only $75.00.


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